The GISBY Family Tree

This all started when I decided to trace the origins of my surname . At first, it seemed to be very much an East Kent name - so I collected information from in and around the Isle of Thanet. It seems likely that it originates from France (possibly "Gisbonne" or "Gisbourne") .

We now have a Family Tree going back to the mid-1600's. Records (with spelling variations) also crop up from elsewhere in Kent and other parts of the UK, going back to the late 1500's. Many of these have not yet been connected to this tree. This also includes Scotland, USA, Canada and New Zealand. Work is progressing with the help of others with a connection to the name, and we welcome contact from anyone else who has an interest. After all - there aren't that many of us about!

If you want to know more, just e-mail me. Phil Gisby.