Kent Family Trees

The bulk of the records collected have come from the East Kent area -and the Family Trees put together so far all start from Minster, in Thanet.

Here are some links to those Trees, the main one starting with Robert & Jane from the mid 1600's.

A branch from that one extends through Stephen, son of Robert & Pleasant (Paine) - with some of the family moving to the Reculver and Herne area.

In the early 1800's, another move started a significant extension in and around the Swingfield area, near Dover. There are two possible candidates for the Robert Gisbey at the head of this - so although I know he is part of my Family Tree, I'm not exactly sure where he fits in.

My line descends from Robert & Jane through Charles George Gisby & Amy Weston (Ellis) and Stephen Charles Gisby, my grandfather - part of a family that became established in the old fishing town of Margate.

A story has been written about old Charlie, my great-grandfather, and it can be seen at The Gisby Saga.